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Mesoscopic Systems is a joint laboratory between the Department of Materials, ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute, which addresses new frontiers in the field of magnetism. We design nanoscale magnetic systems with novel properties to understand the basic laws of science. These tiny systems can be implemented in revolutionary devices for data, communication, sensors and actuators, which are important for a wide range of industry sectors including computing, transport and biomedical.


IEEE Fellow

Laura Heyderman has been elevated to IEEE Fellow effective 1 January 2017 for her contributions to nanoimprint lithography and nanostructured magnetic systems and devices. read more...

IEEE Fellow

Prof. Laura Heyderman is elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) in September 2016.

IEEE Fellow

Using x-ray resonant magnetic scattering, collective magnetization dynamics has been resolved in artificial spin ice. read more...

Paul Scherrer Institute

The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences in Switzerland, and is a short journey from ETH Zurich. We use the world-leading large-scale facilities at PSI to probe the structure and function of our magnetic systems. With synchrotron x-rays, muons and neutrons, we explore some of the most fascinating phenomena in magnetism at timescales down to femtoseconds.
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Open Positions

Postdoc position to study "Spintronics". For details please click here.

We have Tenure Track position open for a scientist:
Probing Mesoscopic Magnetic Systems with Large-Scale Facilities. 

Master Theses:

  • Exploring the limit of X-ray coherent imaging
    (for details, please contact Valerio Scagnoli)

Master Projects:

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